How to Inform PGS of Changes

If you wish to increase, decrease or cancel your donation or advise us of a change of address please phone, email or write to us (see details below) or for any other enquiry.

Please give us the following details:

  • Your PGS reference number (found below your address on PGS correspondence) or address
  • How much your existing gift is for
  • If you wish to cancel your donation or the amount you wish to change your donation to
  • When you would like this change to be brought into effect

Alternatively you can complete the attached Change of donation form or Change of address form or email or send the form or relevant details to us.

Parish Giving Scheme
Church House
College Green

Tel: 01452 835595

Note: For administrative purposes the Parish Giving cannot make any bank account changes within 10 working days of the next gift date.  

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