Changes forms

If you have a change to your Parish bank account or a change in Statement Receiver please complete the relevant form below and send it to:

Parish Giving Scheme
Church House
College Green

You can Email Us the completed statement receiver form, however we do need a signed hardcopy of the change of bank details form, as well as a paying in slip for the new account.

Download Change of Statement Receiver form

Download Change of bank account details

How to inform PGS of changes

Donors can inform the Parish Giving Scheme of any changes by phone, email or letter. We also have an increase form which we can send to your PGS representative if you are approaching the donors to increase their giving. You can view the increase form below, however at present we would request that you obtain the actual form from us, to enable us to keep track of how many Parishes are using it.

Change to regular donation form

Please phone us on 01452 835595 or email us for an electronic version of the form